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Explore New Brunswick from the Inside

There are many hidden gems in New Brunswick, and we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by them. Being directly on the ATV trail system provides us with easy access to some convenient sights and rest areas, where we can take a break from a day of riding, enjoy some unique views, and have a packed lunch. Everyone loves a great photo opportunity and the places I will be listing will not disappoint.

The first stop on our ½ day trek is Prosser Rest Area known for the Balancing Rock. This enormous rock is balanced on top of three smaller rocks and located only approximately 100 meters from the rest area and walking trail. If you are lucky you will meet other New Brunswickers and make some friends along the way.

The next spot on our trip is a stop at Jordan Rest Area to see Chimney Rock. This is a large piece of granite stone in the shape of a chimney that is approximately 20’ tall. This stone is located in a crevice that happened during an earthquake. To get a closer look at the rock you can climb down a steel ladder and stand beside this massive piece of stone making you feel like you have gone back in time and are now a part of a geological event. I have to say pictures are not enough when visiting Chimney Rock, you need to experience this for yourself! It’s amazing to know that this little hidden gem is right in our backyard and it makes you wonder what else we have yet to discover.

Our last stop is the aircraft memorial where parts of aircraft CF-IMJ remains on site since 1958. The Avenger aircraft was spraying for spruce budworm in Juniper when it went down. A memorial plaque is located at the site where you can pay your respects in this peaceful spot located just a short hike from the road.

All of these spots are easy to hike into once you park your vehicle or ATV but remember to wear appropriate footwear, be aware of your surroundings and make sure you leave the rest stops how you found them. Until next time happy trails and travel on!

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