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Snowmobile Safety Tips

Snowmobiling can be fun, adventurous and a wonderful experience, whether you are an experienced snowmobiler or a newbie it's a sport that doesn't disappoint, especially when you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and nature. When on the trails you want the best experience that you can have, so we decided to ask some of our previous guest here at Rusty Lantern Cabins to share some of their tips on safe snowmobiling. We would like to share some of our responses with you.

  1. Know your limitations when riding and what your sled is capable of

  2. Be prepared for any kind of weather and always wear appropriate riding gear

  3. Always let someone know where you are going and estimated time of arriving back home. Ride with a partner if possible.

  4. Make sure your cell phone is completely charged and keep it in a inner pocket, the cold will kill your battery quickly

  5. Always carry a first aid kit

  6. Stay to the right when you're on the trail and watch for any groomers, especially if you are on freshly groomed trails

  7. Check your snowmobile over before leaving, do a visual and check for any loose nuts or bolts, make sure your fluids are all topped up. Bring extra fuel if possible or know your route and fuel locations

  8. Carry a tow strap with you, this may come in handy for yourself or a fellow rider

  9. Check trail conditions before leaving on any trip, being stuck in a unexpected blizzard could become a serious situation quickly

  10. A few things to pack for your trip; pocket knife, hatchet if possible, foldable shovel which can be helpful if you get stuck, a spare belt, lighter or water proof matches, small flashlight, hot pockets, bottled water, and snacks

We hope our tips were helpful! Keep on braaaping on!

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